Kingdom Business Facilitator's Guides

SURPRISED BY HOPE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious and charitable organization founded in the United States and registered in several East African countries. Our vision is freedom from poverty of body, mind, and spirit. Toward that end, we provide a Christ-centered business education and foster personal encounters with the love of God.

POVERTY in sub-Saharan Africa involves more than a lack of material things. Poverty involves a lack of dignity, a lack of control, and a lack of influence. Starting and growing a business using what God has given them to steward allows participants to experience FREEDOM from poverty of body, mind, and spirit. Our 10-session KINGDOM BUSINESS curriculum provides a spiritually integrated, culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, and economically beneficial business education for East African church leaders and their community members. These sessions empower participants to provide for their family and to have a kingdom impact.

Both Kingdom Business Facilitator’s Guides include:
  • Comprehensive lessons founded on Scripture that incorporate globally recognized business principles.
  • Special sections for church leaders and advanced learners.
  • Activities that reinforce learning and application exercises that lead toward a complete business plan.
  • Written instructions, visual icons, and in-text signals to guide facilitators toward success.

Click on the links below to preview each session, including an introduction and sample pages, and then preview the Participant's Guide companions.

Session 1: Preparing Your Spirit and Mind
Session 10: Leading Your People

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