We believe that all Scripture is God breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), which makes the Bible the single most important book ever written. It is an everlasting eyewitness account of historical events (Isaiah 30:8) of such magnitude that those events significantly shape every aspect of the world in which we live today.

We believe that personal encounters with God come through knowing who he is and understanding his heart for us. Unfortunately, many believers lack a basic understanding of how the Bible works and what it says, and so they struggle to deepen their relationship with the Father. As a result, we developed a one-day seminar to answer seven basic questions about how the Bible works leading toward a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. What is the Bible?
  2. Where did the Bible come from?
  3. Who decided which writings to include?
  4. What language was the Bible originally written in?
  5. How is the Bible arranged?
  6. What does the Bible say?
  7. What should I do now?
As part of this ministry, we aim at putting Bibles in the hands of those who are most in need. We use specific criteria to identify these people and, as part of our seminar, teach everyone how the Bible is arranged and how to find their way around inside. When people finally receive God’s Word in their own language and understand how to use it, lives are changed. Individuals, communities, and whole countries can be transformed as people are led to Jesus Christ and to a right relationship with God.

Take a look at what we’ve done with your Bible gifts in the past and consider giving the gift of a BibleWorks seminar alongside God’s Word written in the local languages. Click on the link to the right and give $15 for each local language Bible you wish to sponsor.