Session 2: Discovering Your Gifts and Assets

Session 2 Summary

Session 2 of the Entrepreneurship Series focuses on acknowledging that God can and will supply all our needs (2 Corinthians 9:8) according to a variable system. We discover our gifts and assets by examining our tangible and intangible resources. We learn to appreciate these gifts as God-given and to view them as part of his equipping plan. We explore ways to develop those gifts and assets as we understand their purpose in kingdom stewardship.

Session 2 Outline
  • Asset-based Development
    • Community Development (Needs-based)
    • Community Development (Asset-based)
    • Individual Development
    • Cooperative Development
    • Product or Service Development
  • Business/Product Concept Development
    • Something New
    • Something Better
    • Underserved Market
    • New Delivery System
    • Increased Integration
  • Kingdom Stewardship
    • The Principle of Ownership
    • The Principle of Responsibility
    • The Principle of Accountability
    • The Principle of Reward

Session 2 Sample Pages