Pastor Centric
The Kingdom Business curriculum is written for general community members; however, each session contains CHURCH sections aimed at pastor audiences. Pastors are the catalysts for change in their communities and in the kingdom and so our curriculum contains lessons specifically applicable to the church setting.

CHURCH sections in green are useful to pastor groups when gathered together for dedicated sessions or when woven throughout general sessions and delivered to the community when pastors in attendance are plenty.

Spiritually Integrated
Each session begins by sharing a biblical theme which is woven throughout the content and reinforced in the lesson. Additional lessons based on Scripture address cultural and spiritual strongholds, and guide participants toward measuring their beliefs and practices against Scripture with respect given to culture.

Culturally Relevant
Lessons address culturally relevant issues such as time keeping, use examples pertinent to the variety of livelihoods such as farming, and are delivered with communal values in mind. The African value of story is used to increase understanding and learning transfer, and real testimonies provide confidence and encouragement.

Developmentally Appropriate
Facilitators use adult learning techniques to actively engage participants in relevant discussion and practical activities to increase understanding and application. Working in small groups, with partners, and independently diversifies the learning experience and strengthens participants’ ability to apply what was learned across a variety of settings.

Each session contains a variety of content useful for all ages and stages of learning. For example, the DEEPER sections are shown in purple and offer additional learning for more advanced participants.

Economically Beneficial
Every participant will come away from Sessions 1 and 2 with at least five ideas for immediately starting a new business using what they have—asset-based development. As they progress through each session, they will learn all they need to start and grow one or many businesses. After completing all 10 sessions, participants may have a written business plan to guide them in the process of development.